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Building a brighter future through education.

School is an institution designed to provide education to students. It is a place where students can learn and acquire knowledge, skills, and values that will help them in their life.




Education in traditional schools not only helps students develop academically, but also helps them grow personally.

About Us

Where learning meets excellence.

Sri Saraswathi Shishu Mandir Established in the year 1984 with few students in Kakatiya Nagar Kamareddy. At Present the school runs from Nursery to 10th Standard with strength of above 1200 students. It functions under the guidance of Sri saraswathi vidya peetham which is affiliated to Vidya bharathi, New Delhi

Our Program

School Activities

Programs and Festivals are important for students in schools because they celebrate diversity, encourage creativity, build teamwork and collaboration skills, enhance academic learning, and foster a sense of community.

Labs are equipped with specialized tools, equipment, and materials that allow students to perform experiments and explore scientific concepts in a controlled environment.

It is often taught in schools as a form of physical education or extracurricular activity. It can be a great way for students to improve their physical fitness and develop valuable life skills.

Saraswati Devi is revered as the patroness of education, culture, and the arts, and is worshipped by students.She is also considered as one of the Tridevi (three goddesses) along with Lakshmi and Parvati.

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To promote academic excellence, character development, and service to others through a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

Our Features

Strength of Shishu Mandir

Features of School helps students to diverse and multifaceted, and also have a significant impact on a personal and academic development.

Culture is essential to creating a positive and effective learning environment in schools


Campus provides a safe and secure environment for students to learn, socialize, and grow.


Festival programs in schools bring together students, teachers & parents to celebrate the traditions.


Classroom is a Part of school where it provides a dedicated space for students to learn, interact, and grow.


Transportation makes education accessible to students who live far away from the school.

Science Lab

Science Lab is essential to creating a positive and effective learning environment.

Computer Lab

Computer lab provides students to enhance learning, research and prepares students for future careers.


To empower students to become leaders and change-makers who use their education to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.

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Saraswathi VidyaMandir is always being forward to encourage our Tradition.

Parent's Satisfaction
School Growth


The principal of a school plays a crucial role in shaping the educational environment and overall success of the institution.

Nagabhushanam Nalla


Nagabhushanam Nalla

S. Nagesh

Academic Principal

S. Nagesh

Our Strength

What Our Parents Say

These Testimonials leads to our success.

Shivani Doctor

My child has flourished academically since starting at this school. The high academic standards have challenged them to reach their full potential.

Shiva Business Man

The teachers at this school truly care about their students. They take the time to get to know each child and provide individualized attention to ensure their success.

Sharath Software

The school offers a well-rounded education, with opportunities for students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities.